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As lifting capabilities, rocket technology and costs per useful load gets more and more affordable for businesses to use, space mining - mining and prospecting within asteroid belt and exoplanets, becomes more viable. RobOvum focuses on developing and integrating robotic AI and automation and self-awareness, extraction and benefication technologies,, as well as various unique solutions related to exploration and mining outside the Earth Biosphere.

The aim is to relocate a contingent way all mineral and material mining, processing, benefication and creation of semi-products to space - in particular asteroid belts and further exoplanets. The goal is to keep Mother Earth as pristine and healthy for our benefit, and the benefit of all future generations.   We all understand that we should drive towards minimizing - ideally bringing to zero - toxic effects and harm to the Biosphere of our home planet. 

We are fully confident that there is a way to mine, process and deploy all we need for growth within our neighboring space bodies - with robotics, while humans and other species on Earth should stay in clean and native environment - free from pollution, mining scars and toxic waste or dumps.


The fact that we are developing our AI for a specific reason of mining in outer space, doesn’t mean it’s capabilities will be limited to that. Our technology is going to revolutionize the mining industry, but at the same time mechanobrain (robobrain!) that we delevop can be used for a number of much more “down to earth” applications - from agricultural tasks to scanning for land mines and removing them, which unfortunately became important in recent times.

One must also have in mind that prospecting, beneficiation, processing storage of elements and semi products is way different while done on planetoid, asteroid or in outer space - as it is impossible to use gravity separation with a lack of proper gravity or have a standard chemical beneficiation without normal conditions shall use completely different process. Thus, our team and thinktank is focused on getting all these bits together in a coherent way, having in mind different applications needed and different conditions and circumstances.

We are greatly convinced that with coherent prospecting, mining, beneficiation and production we will create a new way to thoughtfully utilize resources and develop a new way to produce final products - both for space usage and for our mother Earth.


Our teams are using advantage of remote working by using our parent CryptoCloud platform developed by our parent company Cryptoshell AG - for collaborative work - organized in a way that software developers work nowadays. We team up with AI developers from SUPSI (Lugano) and NNAISENSE, use a lot of engineering capacity of Ukrainian engineering and process development teams, sometimes on ad-hoc basis. As space mining and processing is quite undeveloped there is still a lot of void segments of the coherent process to be - which needs a lot of process integration development and organizational work.

On the other hand we are always ready for cooperation with others in this field - especially teams that have experience in adjacent fields - like process developmen and automation, autonomous control systems, self deploying systems etc.

If you see yourself as a valuable addition to this project and know that you can bring something new and exciting to the table, please do not hesitate to contact our HR and Recruitment team - hr@robovum.lu

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